Spin the bottle

Posted on September 13th, 2010 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments
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From Saturday’s party. The girl it points to is going to get her present and give it to Milla. Then that girl turns the bottle in her turn.¬†Until¬†all the presents are opened. A good way to start a party.

Party Time

Posted on September 7th, 2009 in Journal by Tim • 0 Comments
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Ingredients for a perfect dessert

Yip, it was time again. Well actually not until Wednesday. Then Milla will become 3 years young. Times flies.

But we had a party already this Saturday for the family. 13 Grown-ups and 4 kids. A lot of food to cook, and as usual we were running late. That’s why the ingredients for the dessert where left standing until everybody had finished eating the main course. In the end, we let them pick stuff themselves and mix on their plates.

And yip, we all got some space in the living-room somehow:

All in the livingroom