Vätternrundan 2013

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The Vätterrundan 2013. An event to never forget: 300 km bike ride around one of Sweden’s largest lakes.

It all started months ago with a few of us thinking about entering this race. Then it grew and grew and grew… into a team of 35 people, with loads of sponsoring. At racing day, only 23 turned up:

Vätternrundan 2013

Yes, we all look nice in that same outfit. But most of us were freezing there standing on the town square at 04:28 in the morning.

We had a good pace going down to Jönköping and made that first 100km in 03:20. Not bad considering it was a headwind of 7m/s (25km/h). But a lot of stuff happened on that stretch and let’s call it team politics. So the team got split, and I decided to stick with my friends and ride it in the way we did in Roubaix: leave no man behind !!

And since I trained for a “sub 10” time, this turned into a nice relaxing ride with views like this:

Vätternrundan 2013

Our little subgroup of 8, enjoying the beautiful day:

Vätternrundan 2013

Yes, I wrote relaxing, because when I woke up on Sunday my body didn’t feel like I went out for a bike ride at all. A bit strange when you think about the 300km trip the day before.

Will I ever do it again ? Oh yes !!!! But only with a proper bike club where they have dedicated groups with target times, so everybody in the team is riding at the same pace and trained with each other. Maybe next year already … who knows ?

National Day

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In Sweden…. And with weather like this a perfect time to get out early and go for a long ride. At least that was the plan until my right hip started playing up again and made me turn around bike home. I still ended up with 55km, but far from the 90km I planned.

Out Riding

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Out Riding

It’s amazing what you get to see when you are out on a bike in the evenings. It’s just there !!!! You don’t need a subscription to National Geographic.

Evening Ride

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Paris – Roubaix is coming closer and closer. So after a week sick in bed and off the bike, I am trying to get all I can to do some hours and distance on the bike.

Yesterday evening was a nice ride with the sun setting. Luckily I got home just after, because when the sun goes down, so does the temperature. And quicker than you might think.

Agu Enyx Thermo

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The latest toy I bought is this here. Well, it’s not a toy anymore, it a necessity. Like a sock you pull over your biking shoes. I keeps the wet out of your shoes and covered with a nice fleece on the inside to keep your feet warm as well.

I have been biking for almost 20 years now, and never owned a pair. Now I have it, I feel stupid for having bought it earlier. Actually, stupid is just putting it mildly. I wonder how many more “toys” there are out there…

Technical Problems

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Something is wrong with the GPS. Still … didn’t make it easier for me. It was easy to follow: just bike the 50km around the lake. But I had a bad day. Nothing felt good…. Better next time.

Night Biking

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Maybe doesn’t sound as sexy as night swimming, but it was fun as hell !!!! I felt like a little boy again, out playing and having a lot of fun. We jumped on our bikes around 19:00 and head off into the woods. During the first 45 minutes it was still light enough to bike without the lights. But then it started getting dark. And once it starts getting dark, it goes pretty fast here.

See what I mean? Dark and bright lights. The only thing that buggered me was the fact that the lights on my handle bar didn’t sit tight enough. Happens with a conical bar. So we have to fix that one before next week. Can’t wait to go out again…

The Moose and the Memo

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That sounds like I am about to tell a joke, but I am afraid I have to disappoint you.

I was biking to work the other day and decided to cross the road at home to take the forest path down the hill. Lo-and-behold there was a moose 10 metres in front of me. My first reaction was to take my iPhone and take a snapshot. But my brain reacted surprisingly fast for that time of the day, and realised it was a “baby” moose (meaning it was still big enough to trample me into the nearest hospital). And that means mama moose is probably hanging around somewhere. So my brain kicked into overdrive and made my legs move very fast. Thank god the it only takes a minute downhill…

And while in the forest I noticed that some parts of the hill are still covered in ice. Spring arrived already a few weeks ago in town. Can somebody please forward the memo to the forest ?


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Almost empty after a ride home like that. Raining hard, cold and loads of ice on the roads. All covered in water so I don’t have a clue if there is some ice underneath. So I had to pull out all my ninja skills1 to avoid a close encounter with the third kind. Because for me they come in this order:

  1. Gravel: makes nasty cuts
  2. Concrete: no cuts, but at low speeds only bruises. Higher speeds gives burned skins or worse
  3. Ice: is hard but leaves nothing more than bruises

So after a couple of kilometres I realise that I don’t have the appropriate music in my ears for this. Brel doesn’t cut it, neither did Coco Rosie. So that leaves me with a question.

What music do ninjas listen to ?

  1. I looked more like Jackie Chan than Bruce Lee

This morning

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Yip, we do have snow. And we are getting more of it as I am writing this. Which means that the biking to work was a bit harder than usual. Some might say this is the beginning of a sufferfest. But I disagree. The cold and snow doesn’t make a lot of difference from biking in the summer with 20 degrees. Proper clothing will take care of it. The only bad situation I can imagine is rain in the morning with a temperature just above zero. Rain on the way home is no problem, since I am getting home anyway. But this, that I just call fun.

And yes, I make it a rule that I have to a certain stretch of forest every day I bike to work. Why use a mountain-bike otherwise ?