A sign

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A new sign in the middle of the forest!!?? I know there is a horse trail close by, but in my 5+ years of commuting here, I have never seen a horse on this section. I wonder if this is from the people at the Botanical Gardens as well. They have been doing quite a lot of changes here the last couple of months. And quite aggressively as well if you ask me. Is this just to make their presence even more clear?

We’ll see. I’ll keep you updated…


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This is what it looked like again yesterday morning!! Not much and hard to see, but it was all slush. And luckily gone by the evening.

Only 5 minutes away

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It’s hard to believe that this is only a 5 minutes bike ride away from the office, which is in the centre of the second largest city in Sweden. And that is why I love it here so much. That easy access to nature and all the quiet that comes along with it.

Riding Home

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I pulled out the MTB again and used it to get to work. Not as fast, but I planned a forest ride home. And this is what I saw on the way home. So worth the struggle to get to work !!!

That time of the week

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Sunday I mean. Time for a morning ride. And what a ride it was. A proper ride I would say. In the forest. On Gravel. Over roots. Over rocks. Over and under loads of stuff. it felt great. Not so much today. Today it hurts. A lot of muscles in my body hurt today. Because I haven’t used them in a very long time. But it’s good. And it will feel better in the future.

Here are a few shots I took. Again, with the iPone. Since I didn’t really dare to bring out the big camera with me yet. Maybe in a few weeks when I have been riding in the area a bit more and know most of the bumps and bits on the trails. Cause I don’t want to fall on it and break it.

Waiting for the rest of the team to show up. Imagine, we were 7 all together !!! Not bad at all, I hope we can keep this number, because it’s always more fun to ride with more people.

Pit stop to fix a broken chain:

The green machine:

Enjoying the view before we head home again:

The other side of the green machine, with it’s owner on top of it:

Hell Yeah !!!

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The impossible happened !!! I went out on my MTB again in the forest yesterday. The first time since …. well. I don’t really remember actually. But it must have been somewhere before Milla was born. 2 Years we are talking now !! A shame that is. But I guess that is just my own fault.

But I am so glad I did it. Only a bit of hard work due to the fact that I crashed with the bike on the ride home from work on Friday, and my ribs and right-hand wrist are still hurting a bit too much. And the other being the fact that I never have been in this forest so deep in winter-time. So I never realised that it would be frozen over all over the place. Most of the downhills look like this, where the white spots are pure ice-sheets:

Not too bad you would say, until you get to these bits:

Normally on any given day, you would swoosh down there around 30-35 km/h. Now, I almost fell just walking down the little hill. Crazy stuff that was. And that just went on and on for the rest of the trip.

But it was ooohhh soooo worth it !!! Looking forward to next sunday morning already !!!