Conference with a view

Posted on February 11th, 2018 in Photography0 Comments
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As you can see we are in the middle of Stockholm. Very cold here, but we have a whole hour at lunch time so we try to go for a short walk. And we definitely go in the evenings. I mean, how do you otherwise get a good beer?

And yes, it’s blurry. Nothing I am proud of. With an iPhone…. through glass. Should bring some proper gear next time.

Another one from last year

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Bad weather or sweat on the lens of the iPhone = bad pictures.

I just reformatted the OS on our PC and I noticed after installing Lightroom again and importing all our photos, that we took quite a lot of photos last year. But almost nothing showed up here on this site. Too busy I guess. But then I noticed that I barely have been posting here at all the last 2 or 3 years. And then I started browsing in Lightroom through the years and realised how much I missed this here. So…. Off to a new start.

One from the archives

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Not that long ago actually. The middle of December when we had a bit more snow. Today it’s snowing again, mixed with rain. Forecast is very cold for the next few days.

I just want to healthy again. Sick since Thursday and it’s not fun. Just hanging around and not moving too much because the pressure in my ears will hurt as hell. Nose running. All the usual stuff. Seems like I have this once a year. Now I just wonder how to get rid of it forever….

Practise makes perfect

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Indoor training this season. The boys missed it last year, and you noticed it as well during the season. Plus…. a whole winter without any kind af activity is way to long. Those kids live for football!!!