Renovation needed

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It’s the old deck. Original from God knows when. It need renovating. Or should I say a replacement. Next year. Too much other projects I have to finish on the house this year.

No eyes

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Kids these days… They cannot act normal in front of a camera anymore. Maybe I did too much of it when they were younger and just hate it now. Or… I didn’t do it enough?

Play your own games

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Instead of being glued in front of the tv the whole day and watching football games, we decided to go out and play something outselves. I mean, look how sunny it was. That is unheard of during those Swedish midsummer days.

Only 5 minutes away

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It’s hard to believe that this is only a 5 minutes bike ride away from the office, which is in the centre of the second largest city in Sweden. And that is why I love it here so much. That easy access to nature and all the quiet that comes along with it.