A lot of colors

To choose from these days when you they put your leg or arm or whatever else in a cast.

Zeb had to go back on Tuesday. The one he had so far, got so low down his leg, it started cutting his heel. Just call and they book you in. It seems like with a straight leg like Zeb has, it is normal to show up once a week there.

A broken kneecap

Zeb was out and about with some friends on a kick-bike Sunday afternoon. All of the sudden a call, saying he is in a lot of pain and I needed to come and pick him up with the car. Once there, nothing I could see. He didn’t fall on it, it just came as a sharp pain and he can’t move his leg anymore. Not a single sound from him during all this.

So we go home and fill a bag with some water, … because we know it can take some time at a hospital. But actually everything went pretty smooth and fast. And as soon as they had a look at the X-ray, he got some morphine. A good indication it must be hurting…

Surgery is booked for Tuesday….