Endless summer

Posted on August 2nd, 2018 in Photography0 Comments
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It’s been warm and sunny since the beginning om May here. I can count the number of rainy days on one hand!! It’s so dry, you’re not even allowed to use your own BBQ in your own garden.

Together alone

Posted on July 9th, 2018 in Photography0 Comments

Kids these days play together all on their own device. To be honest, I think I would have done the same if we could back in our days instead of waiting an hour for my buddy to finish his turn (yeah, he was that good).

Renovation needed

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It’s the old deck. Original from God knows when. It need renovating. Or should I say a replacement. Next year. Too much other projects I have to finish on the house this year.

No eyes

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Kids these days… They cannot act normal in front of a camera anymore. Maybe I did too much of it when they were younger and just hate it now. Or… I didn’t do it enough?

Play your own games

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Instead of being glued in front of the tv the whole day and watching football games, we decided to go out and play something outselves. I mean, look how sunny it was. That is unheard of during those Swedish midsummer days.

Only 5 minutes away

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It’s hard to believe that this is only a 5 minutes bike ride away from the office, which is in the centre of the second largest city in Sweden. And that is why I love it here so much. That easy access to nature and all the quiet that comes along with it.