Sylvain Chauveau – Des plumes dans la tête

Posted on June 23rd, 2010 in Music0 Comments

This a very quiet album. No voices, mostly piano. Which I love. It was something I thought about when I was a kid. Learn how to play the piano. I never got that far. Not even today. But it still is somewhere on my list. Not top 10, but maybe later in life. Wait, not maybe. For sure. The other instrument I wanted to learn to play is the saxophone. A coincidence it’s a Belgian invention, but the sound it makes. I love it. And combine those 2 instruments, it’s no surprise that I like jazz…

And while you are looking at the man’s repertoire, make sure you listen to “Nuage” as well. All good stuff. Nice and quiet, which I need after all the noise from those vuvuzelas on TV these days.