Cardboard Camera

Posted on October 16th, 2009 in Links0 Comments
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I have always been interested in photography, but the step to actually buy a camera and start playing for real took a while. I always had a few point and shoot cameras and never actually used them. They were there and I only used them when I went on holiday. But then a few years ago I bought a Canon 300D. In the beginning I shot everything. Sometimes it sounded like a machine gun. Not really anything worthy to show friends (or even myself). But then you start reading, and reading, and reading. And you start to understand how a camera works.

Then I bought a Nikon D300 last year because I realised I was at the edge of the capabilities of the Canon. The Nikon is amazing to work with and even though I slacked the last couple of months, my interest is still there. And I feel I have more time now Zeb is not just a baby anymore but becoming a little boy. So I start reading again, exploring photography. And I find myself looking more and more into film photography. The reason is that it just feels better. It looks a lot better. It’s ….. original, the first….

So I wandered the corridors of the interweb again today and stumbled onto this: Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera. Here is the video of how they made it. And believe it or not, they actually turned it into a pinhole camera and took some shots with it as well.