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Jesus, I have to start writing a bit more clearly. I just went over my last post and realised I write just half of what I have in my mind. The other bit is stuck in here and makes the part you read like … Un-understandable. Not good. And on the other hand, it wouldn’t be bad to just write sometimes. 90% of what I post here are photos anyway. A bit of diversion wouldn’t hurt anybody. 

That was not a weekend

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I was getting sick on Thursday, Friday there somewhere. Decided to ignore it and got a full load of “sick as a dog” on Saturday. Today is a bit better, but still home tomorrow since Zeb got it as well. And Linda…. she’s sleeping already with a fever….


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We are longing for the summer here. Winter is not really coming, it’s just your typical swedish west coast cold autumn here. Windy and rainy, dark and grey. Nothing is gonna change that any day soon.

So we fired up the fireplace for the first time this winter. Slowly burning, no strong fire, just slow and steady. It got from nice and comfy to a this-is-getting-really-hot now. So around 18:00 we decided to measure the temp in the livingroom. And guess what….. 29°C. Hey, if summer is not coming we have to make it ourselves.


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A nice quote I read the other day:

No, don’t tell me you’re sorry. Tell me you’re going to fix it.

Which is usually a problem. Both at work and in one’s personal life. And yes, I make that mistake as well… We are all human after all.


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Happy New Year I would say. But that was for yesterday. We had a day off. No hangover recuperation. Just lay low and enjoy life.

Now let’s see what 2012 will bring us.


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Not a lot happening here due to overload of stuff to do. Both at home and at work. And that means I barely touch the camera. It’s collecting dust for the moment. Have to take care of that.

The big thing that is happening at home is that we are swapping room with the kids. They get ours, we get theirs. More room to play for them. And… that means no more closets in their new room, but a long wooden play bench (which I am working on at the moment).

On the other hand I have been taking more and more shots with the iPhone. So here are some Instagrams:

Night Biking

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Maybe doesn’t sound as sexy as night swimming, but it was fun as hell !!!! I felt like a little boy again, out playing and having a lot of fun. We jumped on our bikes around 19:00 and head off into the woods. During the first 45 minutes it was still light enough to bike without the lights. But then it started getting dark. And once it starts getting dark, it goes pretty fast here.

See what I mean? Dark and bright lights. The only thing that buggered me was the fact that the lights on my handle bar didn’t sit tight enough. Happens with a conical bar. So we have to fix that one before next week. Can’t wait to go out again…

Spring …. Snow ??!!

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Wrong, wrong, WRONG !!!! My last post was about spring and how nice it was gonna be. Let me tell you, it was a very nice and warm week with 20°C, running around in T-shirt and shorts. But then we woke up this morning and guess what:

Yip, it snowed again…. But I hope it will change as quickly again to last week’s climate.

Oh so quiet

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It’s been that indeed. Linda’s mom turned 60 last week, so a party had to be arranged. With loads of fantastic food if you ask me. Italian buffé it was. Some shots from the store it came from:

Viva Italia


You can’t go wrong there. I could eat everything in that store. So, guess if the party was a success?

And the other reason I am not really bound to the glowing box is that we have been working a lot in the garden these days. At this stage it’s mainly demolition. Loads of bushes had to be whacked down. Space is what we need. Space to build a stone terrace and a new hedge. Actually there never was a hedge. Just some bushes that never really got taken care of, and were standing all over the place. It’s like they say: “Chaos leads to order.”

So now it’s up to us to make some order. Ideas are plenty-fold, but first some more cleaning before the execution.