Cycling in 2017

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It felt like there was a lot less cycling during 2017. Maybe because we bought and renovated a house, my MTB got stolen and life in general. But those numbers are not bad:

  • 251 activities
  • 3097 km
  • 186h 47m
  • elevation gain: 54380m

Meaning I climbed over 54km !!!! That is vertical kilometres…. Only 2013 was a better year. But then I rode way more (like 80h more).

Now let’s see what 2018 is gonna bring….


You can be the King

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I was putting Zeb (4 years now) to bed the other night. I give him a hug and a kiss and then the following conversation started:

  • Zeb: Daddy, you have to shave. You have a rough skin.
  • Me: No…. I am saving for a beard.
  • Zeb: Why ?
  • Me: You know how all kings have a beard ?
  • Zeb: Yes, but why do you want to be a king ?
  • Me: So I will be king of our house and I can decide over all of you.
  • Zeb: OK, daddy, you can be king.
  • Me: You think it’s OK ??!!
  • Zeb: Yes, because I will be the Prime Minister then. Kings these days don’t really decide anything anymore.


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More than words can explain. Linda said I looked more like an artic explorer than a cyclist. And I find that a very nice complement (hence I’m so happy in the picture).

But I do think I have found the limits for biking. Temperature wise at least. -16°C it was, and some wind and my biking speed on top of that and you get a windchill of around -25°C. A bit too much in my opinion. I found it hard work. The MTB and the studded tires make it go easy on snow and ice, but that temperature makes it hard to move.

Move too fast and it feels way too cold and you think you will never warm up. Too slow and you think you will never get home and freeze to death on the way home. Maybe even eaten by that wolf that sneaks around in the area. Notice that some dots are too close to my biking routes (I can hear some of you think that I might be the wolf ??!!).

But then again, today was a day off, so I probably jump on the bike again tomorrow anyway. Like all Belgians, we do love our bike-and-bad-weather combo.

Agu Enyx Thermo

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The latest toy I bought is this here. Well, it’s not a toy anymore, it a necessity. Like a sock you pull over your biking shoes. I keeps the wet out of your shoes and covered with a nice fleece on the inside to keep your feet warm as well.

I have been biking for almost 20 years now, and never owned a pair. Now I have it, I feel stupid for having bought it earlier. Actually, stupid is just putting it mildly. I wonder how many more “toys” there are out there…


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A lot of people are upset because of the tollbooths around town. It started yesterday. Meaning every Swedish car driving in or out of town is going to pay when they pass a tollbooth. And the crazy thing is that they covered all the roads. No sneaky back-roads are left open. So no free passage anymore. Of course you are going to upset a lot of people.

Myself, I think it’s a good idea. Less traffic in town is always good. City centers should be for bikers and pedestrians. But the problem with this situation is that they don’t have money to give alternatives first. We have to pay first before we get them. And that is maybe not the best plan.

So what is my plan then ? Do not use the car once this year to get to work. Bike. If it rains ? Bike. If it snows ? Bike. If it’s super windy ? Bike. Worst case scenario is a bus. But bike above all else. Simple enough. Now I just have to stick to it.

What To Do When

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it’s raining cats and dogs ? On a summer holiday ? It feels like we got set up this year. Summer is not really what we expected. Too much rain, no real hot day yet. And by that I mean a temperature over 25°C, so we can go swim in the sea. Nothing so far. A few just over 20°C and that is nice, but still too few.

So that means a new hobby for the kids (and me):

Lego it is. And I have to say that I am hooked as well (again). I know I loved it as a kid and it just got rekindled. The worst part is that I have a steady income now (compared to when I was a kid) and it is dangerous to step into a toy-shop now and not buy anything. So the other day I already bought Zeb’s birthday present. I think he will like it. Otherwise…. I know someone else.

Zeb Biked

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On his own …. For the first time !!!! What a great summer this is gonna be.

PS: Bad quality, I know. Recorded with the iPhone, but the rendering went wrong somehow. I’ll make sure I know better next time.


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Is the amount of our family currently being sick and in bed. This time it’s Milla and me. Zeb is not himself either. So he is taking naps again at lunch.So far only Linda standing up against all of it. But that is probably only because she had it in the beginning of the wee.

I think we are going for a record this year. So far I think there only has been 1 or weeks this year when all 4 members of our tribe have been healthy at the same time. We’re at the end of March !!!!! Like they say, that’s just sick…..

Great Day !!!

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The kids and I moved the furniture around in the living room after I asked Milla how she would like it. The result is actually what I had in mind myself (photos tomorrow). Linda wasn’t really into it right away. She is the kind of person who sees areas that need improvement right away. So we will see how long it will last. At least Linda is talking about moving the lamps around so they hang over the table. And the kids…. well they’ve found their favorite spots in the sofa already … to get the best angle to watch their kids programmes, you know.

Oh.. and Skavlan on TV was great again. Invite someone with Tourette syndrome ??!!! Excellent TV that is.

Sick Sick Sick

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I know it’s a boring theme but it has been a constant here for the last weeks. Actually since Christmas eve. The week after that the kids got sick and since then we maybe have had 2, max 3 weeks with everybody healthy. The last kind that had us all tied to the blankets is a strange one: first a week with severe headache and fever. The second week your headache is gone, but now you’ll have a running nose and a throat like sandpaper.

The only comfort one has is that we are not the only ones out there with this. Everybody we know with kids is stuck in this vortex. Buckle up, sit tight and sit it out is the only option…