Who ? Yip, this is what I look like these days. I had an older picture most of the time, so it was time for an update. Who am I ???? A Belgian expat living in Sweden for 10 years now. Meaning I miss most of the best beers in the world, long for french fries every now and then. I went through rehab for that, but still the longing for french fries (no, not McDonalds style) with mayo will never disappear properly I guess. Life these days is working and spending time with the family. One girl, one boy and a girlfriend keep me busy for most of my time. If there is anything left then you will see me biking around pretending to be training. Or shooting silly pictures of everything around me. See the photos on this site or Flickr for that… If you want to let me know the french fries still taste great in Belgium, you can always drop me a line at timothy dot eichmann at gmail dot com.

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