One from the archives

Posted on January 31st, 2018 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments

Not that long ago actually. The middle of December when we had a bit more snow. Today it’s snowing again, mixed with rain. Forecast is very cold for the next few days.

I just want to healthy again. Sick since Thursday and it’s not fun. Just hanging around and not moving too much because the pressure in my ears will hurt as hell. Nose running. All the usual stuff. Seems like I have this once a year. Now I just wonder how to get rid of it forever….

Practise makes perfect

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Indoor training this season. The boys missed it last year, and you noticed it as well during the season. Plus…. a whole winter without any kind af activity is way to long. Those kids live for football!!!

The unthinkable

Posted on January 23rd, 2018 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments

Me. Taking the buss to work. Horrible. Don’t like sitting there and getting too hot. Not knowing who is sick and should have stayed at home because they are just infecting people.

The way home is even worse. Normally on the bike I come to life. Now….. falling asleep. Uggghhhh. Hopefully this was the last time this year.

Cultural experience

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We went to the Gothenburg City Museum. I’ve never been there before. Well… not really true. I made their previous website (through work), so visited their offices a few times. And they used to have great AW during the summers (in their otherwise empty courtyard) waaaaay back.

But as a visitor to the museum it was a first. The whole family. Super nice actually. Positively surprised. Recommend it to everybody.

Cycling in 2017

Posted on January 2nd, 2018 in Journal by Tim • 0 Comments

It felt like there was a lot less cycling during 2017. Maybe because we bought and renovated a house, my MTB got stolen and life in general. But those numbers are not bad:

  • 251 activities
  • 3097 km
  • 186h 47m
  • elevation gain: 54380m

Meaning I climbed over 54km !!!! That is vertical kilometres…. Only 2013 was a better year. But then I rode way more (like 80h more).

Now let’s see what 2018 is gonna bring….