The week

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That has been, was overshadowed by this:


Yes, a happy girl. A birthday girl. And also a girl with a broken arm. Crashed with her bike 4 days before her birthday. You could see right away something was wrong. That arm was just not straight… Plastered it within 2 hours at the hospital. And now last Friday it was time for a visit at the doctor’s. Result: surgery to pull it straight because it could take up to 2 years to let her body fix this on its own. And it might not be straight after all…. 15º does that I guess.

So all you can do is wait from 08:45 till around 15:45 (without eating or drinking – poor girl). Luckily there is free WiFi and an iPad available:


Yes, they marked the arm to be sure:


At the end everything went OK and we were all back home at 19:00, ready to have a “Kräftskiva” with the neighbors.


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In his own room is the new thing. Both of the kids. Milla in her room with a closed door and now Zeb as well.

When kids grow up

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You skip your races to drive them to their races in the weekends:


Which is the same as I wanted to do. So hopefully we can ride it together in a few years. Here he is warming up (you have to teach them right from the beginning) with his buddy:


And then you finish like this:


Daily Commute

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Biking to and from work during the late summer is about as good as it gets. Favorite part of the year…