And I can’t play in it

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So nice outside. The snow is just piling up and the temperatures just under 0°C. Barely any wind. Any kids perfect winter day I would say. And my brain just goes “Me too, me too!!”! Yes, of course I am still a kid as well.

The problem is that the old “injury” is playing up again. Yesterday was really bad. The worst I have had in maybe a year or so. I woke up with a pain in my right hip/leg/lower back (yup, the area hurts). And just making it downstairs for breakfast was…. Let me put it this way: I walk funny to try to avoid any pain shooting around in above mentioned area, so my muscles start stiffening and cramping up. The result is even less mobility and all the muscles get inflamed.

The only thing to do is lay down on the floor wherever I am standing. Relax and wait. Once that went over Linda drove me to the doctor’s. There they saw I have been visiting them a few times with the same symptoms in the last year. So now they made a wise decision to get some X-rays. Which I did this morning. Now we just have to sit and wait till next week when the doctor will call back.

In the meantime, it’s taking medicine and no running or biking for at least a week. Which is the hard part. I can hear my bikes and shoes scream and it’s hard to ignore… I mean, I trained the whole of 2013 with some back/leg pain …. But I guess if I want to let it heal properly this time … TBC

The new commute

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Not the best shot ever seen on this space. And was it me standing somewhere with my DSLR (which is collecting loads of dust these days…. damn you Steve jobs for making the perfect digital MacGyver tool), it would be a lot better, but running in a snow storm in the evening and taking that shot with an iPhone 4 nonetheless…. Not bad I would say.

But the point is that I am running that stretch of road to work. That bit that 2 years ago took me almost as long to bike as I need to run it now. I don’t even like to bike it anymore in the winter, because that 10 km is just about enough to warm me up on the bike. In the summer one can make long detours and let that CX bike taste some forest, sand, mud and the likes (it really hates asphalt). But now….?? Not so much.

So we just have to run it out, I guess. But first let that hip pain heal a bit. Seems to be a problem with the Psoas, Iliacus or Pectineus. not sure which one, so I should book a visit to a chiropractor.

I did feel like an icebreaker at sea

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This is what a winter commute is supposed to look like. Loads of snow and ice, freezing temperatures, darkness and a fair bit of wind. Before Xmas it was almost 10°C and raining most of the time. Didn’t feel like winter and some of the plants outside were confused as well.

And then the temperature started dropping. Then it started freezing. Then it started snowing. And at the same time my “hunger” to go out and bike was slowly fading away as well. Not that I was sofa-surfing, I still did my bit of running. But biking… Nope wasn’t there. Until somehow this weekend for some reason I started convincing myself to go out and bike to work again today. And I am sooooo glad I did. Hard work of course, but I forgot how much fun this is. Even in this kind of weather, the right clothing is everything. So. many more kilometers will be done this year, that’s for sure. And hopefully a bit more than 2013.

The first run to work …. ever

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And yes, there was some snow. Actually it feels pretty crazy to do this, but biking straight to work these days (so I could run in the evenings) is just not that fun anymore. So the smart part of me decided to start running to work. I thought it would be feasible since I have done longer runs than 9 km lately. And it wasn’t to bad actually. Hilly the way I went for it. I could go longer and flat. But that is for next week or so.

The only thing I have to learn is how to dress properly. The layering you need for biking is waaaaaayyyyy too much for running. Overheating was my biggest problem for sure. And the reason I think why it went slower than what I expected.

The other mistake of the day ….. I ran back home as well. Had only a few sandwiches for lunch and that is just not enough energy for the day to do 2 x 8,5 km runs. So i bonked halfway the run home. But lessons learned!!!


The way it looks like when

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I run around in the evenings here:


All blurry and wet. Wind and rain will do that. But what I noticed from last winter commuting to work is that as long as you have the right clothing, it doesn’t matter if it’s freezing, snowing, raining, storm, …. But in my opinion I think I prefer this kind of weather over warm and sunny. Might explain why I migrated north years ago instead of south.