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Milla’s first year at school is almost over and so they organized a few activities. One of them was yesterday where we walked around in all the classrooms and had a look at all the different projects they had. This is a shot from Milla’s classroom: “Göteborg Stad”.

You can be the King

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I was putting Zeb (4 years now) to bed the other night. I give him a hug and a kiss and then the following conversation started:

  • Zeb: Daddy, you have to shave. You have a rough skin.
  • Me: No…. I am saving for a beard.
  • Zeb: Why ?
  • Me: You know how all kings have a beard ?
  • Zeb: Yes, but why do you want to be a king ?
  • Me: So I will be king of our house and I can decide over all of you.
  • Zeb: OK, daddy, you can be king.
  • Me: You think it’s OK ??!!
  • Zeb: Yes, because I will be the Prime Minister then. Kings these days don’t really decide anything anymore.

Paris Roubaix Challenge 2013

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If that car gets stolen…..


Back in Belgium….. in the queue as usual:


Our first and only problem on the ride (N. lost his pedal) but a helping hand was always nearby:


The worst bit of “road” I have ever biked…. I wouldn’t even dare with a MTB. The famous “Trouée d’Arenberg”:


The last section of grade 5 (Carrefour de l’Arbre) is finished !!!! And almost at the finish as well:


Sweet victory: