Before Xmas

Posted on December 29th, 2012 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments

We were in Sälen skiing with the family. First time for the kids, and since they learned so fast and really enjoyed it, it will probably not the last time either.

Back on the Bike

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A lumbago (lower back pain) knocked me out 3 weeks ago. I actually fell on the kitchen floor and stayed there for a while. Now after a visit to the local doctor and some medication later, I am back on the bike. Hopefully not the last time this year, but it was the last commute to work at least for this year.

When I took this shot, it was -12°C and windy. Not the best of conditions, but the love for the bike is too strong. The only problem was semi frozen toes…. Which puts shoe covers on top of the Xmas wishlist.

Like They Promised

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Loads of snow these days. Minus 15 temperatures last week so that everything would stay white as well. You don’t hear me complaining. And the neither did the kids. Zeb loves this weather. He just wants to stay outside all the time and play with his snowracer. Sounds promising for the skiing holiday next week…

Before The Snow

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About a month old. When there was still some sun out and it could warm you up.

Now it’s -13 outside and the sun doesn’t help anymore.


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This is actually a few weeks old. They had a day off because the schools were closed. And since the weather was really bad, we had some Olympics at home. Indoor style…