Area Greens

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It’s amazing how different the vegetation is on the hill up to the house. It’s only 700 meters, but this is what it looks like at the bottom of the hill.

Medio Fondo

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What I did on Sunday afternoon (watching Zeb on the slide for 30 minutes) when my body was trying to recover in the sun from the pounding it had gone through.

Medio Fondo: 85km roadbiking race. Not that it was a race for me. More like a training session: I will do this in my own tempo and will not be tempted to race anybody on my way.

Well, I tried at least. There were moments when I just had to chase somebody.

This is how I looked after 2 hours and 58 minutes:

Happy that it was over. The only bad thing I remember from it: the RAIN !!!! We were all wet after just 5km. No matter how many layers of water-proof stuff you were wearing…. You were gonna get wet. Luckily for us the weather cleared up after 2 hours. Not that I got dry before I finished.

Anyway, it was loads of fun and I am looking forward to next year already.

PS: Here you can see what it is I did.


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And a lot recently. Not only because I have to train for some bike races I signed up for for the next couple of weeks, but also because I love riding a bike. It’s freedom. And….. It’s twice as fast as public transport. Maybe not cheaper than public transport if you calculate all the maintenance and so but still… A lot more fun !!

The Big Blue

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I always wondered why the big blue is an ocean. Look up and it’s blue as well there. And actually even bigger and deeper than any ocean on this planet.

PS: It does feel strange to type this from the iPad, but it seems to work.

A Scary Place

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Hospitals were scary places when I was a kid. I still do think so sometimes. I guess it has to do with the fact that most of the time you go there because of something is wrong with you (or someone you know).

So we had to go there with Zeb today. Nothing serious. Just a quick little checkup on why his feet hurt so much sometimes. And it turns out that all that is needed is some kind of cream. Applied twice a day. Thank you very much.


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Just a list of things to do for this weekend. The back is covered with stuff for the rest of the month. And yes… most of it is building projects.