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Is the amount of our family currently being sick and in bed. This time it’s Milla and me. Zeb is not himself either. So he is taking naps again at lunch.So far only Linda standing up against all of it. But that is probably only because she had it in the beginning of the wee.

I think we are going for a record this year. So far I think there only has been 1 or weeks this year when all 4 members of our tribe have been healthy at the same time. We’re at the end of March !!!!! Like they say, that’s just sick…..

Full Force

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A lot more iPhone shots these days. Actually the only kind. But on the other hand, the weather is amazing. Only a shame that Zeb is sick again…… Will it end one day?


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Saturday evening. Birthday party and I was out with the kids. They needed some fresh air and space to run around before breaking stuff in the house.

Fixing bikes

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Spring is peeking around the corner. Bikes need to get fixed, kids need to get more outside in the sun, …