The Local Coffee Shop

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It’s like I said yesterday. The table moved over to the wall like this and a totally different feeling in the room. Actually sitting there on the bench against the wall gives you a feeling of sitting in a coffee shop. At least for me….

More work has been done in the room today as well: moving lounge chair and sofa into better spots, benches and TV, …. . We are moving all our photos around as well and decided to get them on the wall on the left in this shot… Planning to cover the whole wall basically. Can’t wait to start with that tomorrow….

Great Day !!!

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The kids and I moved the furniture around in the living room after I asked Milla how she would like it. The result is actually what I had in mind myself (photos tomorrow). Linda wasn’t really into it right away. She is the kind of person who sees areas that need improvement right away. So we will see how long it will last. At least Linda is talking about moving the lamps around so they hang over the table. And the kids…. well they’ve found their favorite spots in the sofa already … to get the best angle to watch their kids programmes, you know.

Oh.. and Skavlan on TV was great again. Invite someone with Tourette syndrome ??!!! Excellent TV that is.

Biking in the snow

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It was the first bike ride for this year on Sunday morning. I haven’t even biked to work yet. So I knew it would hurt. And it did. But with all the snow it was worth it. So much fun. And it made me realize (again) how much I enjoy and love sitting on the iron horse and breathe in nature.



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Couldn’t get the car started today. Called the service guys, they came around and had a look. “A flat car battery on cold winter day”, they say. Very common. But that meant that once they got the car started, I had to drive around for at least one hour !!!!! Perfect excuse to drive the touristy drive south along the coast and stop a few times (but keep the engine running) to take some shots.

The sea is all iced over. In this last shot there were a lot of people walking out on the ice. Too far away to get a proper shot. And skating on the lakes with this weather is supposed to be superb. Damned, I have to learn how to skate…… Note to self: move that up on the to-do list.


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I’ve noticed that I take a lot more photos with the iPhone. Especially since I got a new one from work. It means an upgrade for me from 3GS to iPhone 4. And I have to say I am very pleased with the speed (a lot faster !!!) and the image quality. But that means finding a fun photo app. So far only Instagram is a constant. But Mattebox might start a fight over 1st spot soon.


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Not my typical post and I am no birdwatcher,  but we saw this one at lunch outside the window. Couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Sick Sick Sick

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I know it’s a boring theme but it has been a constant here for the last weeks. Actually since Christmas eve. The week after that the kids got sick and since then we maybe have had 2, max 3 weeks with everybody healthy. The last kind that had us all tied to the blankets is a strange one: first a week with severe headache and fever. The second week your headache is gone, but now you’ll have a running nose and a throat like sandpaper.

The only comfort one has is that we are not the only ones out there with this. Everybody we know with kids is stuck in this vortex. Buckle up, sit tight and sit it out is the only option…


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Jesus, I have to start writing a bit more clearly. I just went over my last post and realised I write just half of what I have in my mind. The other bit is stuck in here and makes the part you read like … Un-understandable. Not good. And on the other hand, it wouldn’t be bad to just write sometimes. 90% of what I post here are photos anyway. A bit of diversion wouldn’t hurt anybody. 

In the Wild

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I was at home on Thursday (sick kids). So I decided to take a walk up to the lake at lunch time when he needed to take a nap.

Totally frozen, so some were skating on it even though the day before one skater fell through the ice.