Film Festival

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The Gothenburg Film Festival started on Friday. And they have to open with a party, which was this year at the Clarion Hotel Post. Which just opened its doors the day before. So imagine the interest and hype building up before the party. Long queue to get in, even though everybody needed tickets to get in. Once in it was nice and warm, but a party…… I am still looking for it. OK, I have to admit, it looks nice inside, but that was about it. And it was a bit hard to start a party if your audience if a proper mix of everything between 25 and 75. No common ground to stand on….

PS: Ane Brun on stage in this shot.

That was not a weekend

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I was getting sick on Thursday, Friday there somewhere. Decided to ignore it and got a full load of “sick as a dog” on Saturday. Today is a bit better, but still home tomorrow since Zeb got it as well. And Linda…. she’s sleeping already with a fever….

Basic Foods II

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Basic Food II

Only with a beer…

Maybe it doesn’t look too good, but it tasted amazing. The chicken just melted in your mouth.And the best of all was that Zeb (who has been refusing to eat any kind of meat, fish or chicken for the last couple of weeks) loved it. He actually had seconds and thirds !!!

And that all with one of the easiest to cook meals I think. Water, garlic, onion, carrots, bacon and chicken. Salt and pepper for taste. And just let it simmer for 2 to 3 hours and done.


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We are longing for the summer here. Winter is not really coming, it’s just your typical swedish west coast cold autumn here. Windy and rainy, dark and grey. Nothing is gonna change that any day soon.

So we fired up the fireplace for the first time this winter. Slowly burning, no strong fire, just slow and steady. It got from nice and comfy to a this-is-getting-really-hot now. So around 18:00 we decided to measure the temp in the livingroom. And guess what….. 29°C. Hey, if summer is not coming we have to make it ourselves.


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Pitt is getting old. Oh, and you don’t need to know anything about baseball…


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A nice quote I read the other day:

No, don’t tell me you’re sorry. Tell me you’re going to fix it.

Which is usually a problem. Both at work and in one’s personal life. And yes, I make that mistake as well… We are all human after all.