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Not a lot happening here due to overload of stuff to do. Both at home and at work. And that means I barely touch the camera. It’s collecting dust for the moment. Have to take care of that.

The big thing that isĀ happeningĀ at home is that we are swapping room with the kids. They get ours, we get theirs. More room to play for them. And… that means no more closets in their new room, but a long wooden play bench (which I am working on at the moment).

On the other hand I have been taking more and more shots with the iPhone. So here are some Instagrams:

Too Sick To Move

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Both of them have a fever now. Milla got it worse than Zeb. But still…. no movement. It will be one of the lying-on-the-sofa-in-front-of-the-TV days. As long as Zeb can at least, he is not one that can sit still for a long time.


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Some early (for Zeb) and some late early (for Milla) presents. Milla knew was what in the box (she’d seen them when we were at my parents in August), and just wanted to rip it apart.

Street Kings

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Keanu Reeves really can’t act. Just another proof.

Somehow expected more of it with all those actors (Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, …).