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Stuff I would like to have in our garden. But I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Maybe on the outside of the fence where the only thing you see is wood…


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First I thought about cropping this shot. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked it this way.

Thanks for last night

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We visited some friends yesterday at their summer place. 35 minutes out of town, in the middle of nowhere and only a 10 min. walk to the beach. Lovely place. They worked very hard on it to bring it back to it’s old glory. But give them a few more years and it will be fantastic.

I have to build something again

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That is the front of the house. The old deck (original from ’78 we think) is visible and halfway gone.

I said we weren’t gonna build anything new during our semester, but … it just happened. Now we only have to agree on a few details and the digging will start again. A new deck can be expected in a few weeks then I guess.



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We are trying something new these days. Growing our own spices. So easy and cheap. And some how (probably just in my head) it tastes soo much better.

One thing we learned is that you can’t all put them together in one big crate. Mint for example will take over the rest and kill it. So we now stick to “Divide et impera”.


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New running shoes. Yip, haven’t been out in 2 years almost. Loads of biking, but I feel I want to run as well now.

So I tried the other day with my old shoes and noticed they starting hurting quite soon. So I decided there and then that I will not ruin my feet/knees/legs with bad shoes. Nike 5+ Free or whatever they are called these days. But oh so light…… and comfortable !!! Let me tell you. Now I just need to get them dirty.

Sleep and its Guard

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Super tired after a weekend of super fun. Parties to go to, a new pool to try out, bouncy mattresses to stretch to it’s limits. And not just Zeb and Milla. All the other kids in the neighbourhood as well. It’s hard work for their little bodies. On days like these I wonder if the weekends are physically more demanding than the weekdays at the nursery…