It’s Spring

Posted on April 28th, 2011 in Photography by Tim • 0 Comments

They’re there again!. A sure sign of spring arriving in town. The sad thing is that they only last for a week or so.

But it felt like summer this weekend with temperatures reaching 20°C.

Oh so quiet

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It’s been that indeed. Linda’s mom turned 60 last week, so a party had to be arranged. With loads of fantastic food if you ask me. Italian buffé it was. Some shots from the store it came from:

Viva Italia


You can’t go wrong there. I could eat everything in that store. So, guess if the party was a success?

And the other reason I am not really bound to the glowing box is that we have been working a lot in the garden these days. At this stage it’s mainly demolition. Loads of bushes had to be whacked down. Space is what we need. Space to build a stone terrace and a new hedge. Actually there never was a hedge. Just some bushes that never really got taken care of, and were standing all over the place. It’s like they say: “Chaos leads to order.”

So now it’s up to us to make some order. Ideas are plenty-fold, but first some more cleaning before the execution.

The Half Worm

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We were out in the garden the whole weekend and Zeb found some worms in the garden. The didn’t live very long…

The Moose and the Memo

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That sounds like I am about to tell a joke, but I am afraid I have to disappoint you.

I was biking to work the other day and decided to cross the road at home to take the forest path down the hill. Lo-and-behold there was a moose 10 metres in front of me. My first reaction was to take my iPhone and take a snapshot. But my brain reacted surprisingly fast for that time of the day, and realised it was a “baby” moose (meaning it was still big enough to trample me into the nearest hospital). And that means mama moose is probably hanging around somewhere. So my brain kicked into overdrive and made my legs move very fast. Thank god the it only takes a minute downhill…

And while in the forest I noticed that some parts of the hill are still covered in ice. Spring arrived already a few weeks ago in town. Can somebody please forward the memo to the forest ?