Que ?

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Looks like will get some more cold weather. I want a whole week of +5 temperatures, so that all the ice can melt. About 25% of the bike-commute is on ice. I think I could apply for “Disney on ice” soon.

Beyond the Kitchen

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Between the table in the distance and where I am standing in the kitchen, used to be a laundry room. Not anymore. Walls are gone and laundry room moved downstairs.


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This is what I would like to have on the walls. Maybe not everywhere in the house, but I can imagine a few spots where it would fit in nicely.
And yes, this is art for me. Not classical, but modern. And if you disagree, try to create something better than this.



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And still cold outside. It was the first time in a week we went out. Me and the kids that is. Zeb had a fever and had been coughing a lot. So I stayed at home with the kids the whole week. He is better now, so yesterday we decided to go out in the cold. we lasted 20 minutes….

First Aid Kit – The Big Black And The Blue

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More music to the people !!! And I give you for my second album this year some Swedish folklore. Even though they sing in English. A tip from my friend A. who has seen them live and said it was wonderful.