Blue Tube to Work

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Last day working this year. Then 2 weeks at home with the family and all the visitors we booked in. Meaning a lot of down-time (not sitting in front of a computer-screen). But that will be nice.

White Lane

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Yesterday afternoon … our old street … when we went to daycare where they had a play evening with the parents.

Good fun to sit with your kids and see what they do there. It was a bit crazy with so many people in there. Especially when some parents come over with the whole family.

That’s how it’s supposed to be

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We got another dump of snow last night. About 10 to 15 cm. I just love it !!!

And I thought 11 years ago when I moved to Sweden that this would be a typical Swedish winter. But that turned out to be a huge disappointment. A typical winter in Gothenburg is just windy, a lot of rain and temperatures just above freezing. Meaning horrible!

I hope that this year will be a trend setter. And we cross our fingers that it will still be white in 2 weeks time.

Music, music, music

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It’s been a while since I posted something here about the tunes that fill my ears. So here comes a list of the last couple of weeks:

Yip… the best. Actually, anything by Peter Broderick or Jóhan Jóhansson is good for me. Can listen to that stuff for a long time without getting sound-bored (if that is a word).