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The sound of a decision. After debating with on one hand the headache and cramping muscles in my legs telling me “We are drying out here, give us some more water … Now!”.

And on the other hand a very upset stomach clearly stating: “One more thing in here and it gets out again as fast as it came in”.

Decision done and immediate response. Action and reaction, Newton would have liked that.

But the thing that makes me wonder is, does this mean that the stomach is stronger than the mind ?

From life with a stomach flu last week.


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A new season is upon us. TV season that is. So I thought about making a list of the shows I watched last season.

  • Heroes: glad that is over, because they were stretching it.
  • Scrubs: one of my favorites, all-time top 5 for sure. And feeling sad it’s finished.
  • House: the usual suspect. I guess it has to do with the fact he is bold and to the point, something we don’t always dare….
  • Grey’s Anatomy: yes, I like hospital series. My weakness.
  • The Mentalist: second season was deja-vu. Not sure I will stick with this one for the next season.
  • Lost: a bit disappointed with this season, expected more from it.
  • The Pacific: Spielberg and his WWII obsession. Similar to “Band of Brothers”, just a different location and a bit more blood.

And some shows that have been going already but I never followed, so I decided to catch up:

  • The Wire: heard a lot about it and decided to give it a go. Loved it because of it approach to a police series. Back to basics, no CSI sci-fi nonsense.
  • Dexter: wrote about this one before. Scary but good.
  • Lie to me: Similar to “The Mentalist”, but Tim Roth’s character is more fun to watch. Season 2 was getting a bit boring towards the end.
  • Parenthood: My life in a few years when the kids are a bit older ?

And the one and only new one for this season will be:

  • The Event: has to be seen what it will turn out to be.