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In bed all day. In foetus position, sleeping, freezing, then sweating again. Not fun but reality…


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Noah and his arks in a modern version.

A walk around the block

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Yesterday I was at home with the kids. Zeb got a fever (39º) the night before, so we decided to keep him and Milla at home.

The morning was filled with moving some boxes and other stuff out of the way, hanging up a some frames safely (so they don’t fall down with the slightest touch),… Going outside was out of the question because it looked like it would rain any minute. And Zeb wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway.

Eventually he fell asleep, slept for3 hours and woke up a new person. Even the weather looked good all of the sudden. So we ate and packed a few things to head outside. Off to the lake just by the edge of our area.

Doesn’t it look wonderful ? Behind me kids were jumping in the water. I think Milla and Zeb wanted as well, but I didn’t bring towels. We walked around the whole lake, looked for places where we could swim. Which means almost everywhere. Maybe next weekend or so, because the water is still warm there.

Eventually, the weather turned on us.  But a forest means loads of trees to hide under. And it cleared again before we left it. I think the kids loved it. Loads of exploring to do in the future. It just feels fantastic to have a place like this within walking distance from the house.

See for yourself: View Larger Map


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We finally did it…. We moved into the house. It was a lot of work, more than we thought. Basically because we have more “garbage” then expected. You just don’t believe what one buys and collects during the years. But times like these are perfect for cleaning up a bit.

But moving boxes from one place to another is only half the way. Now we have to get everything out of the boxes and find places to put it all. Decorate the place. Thousands of things left to do. Remodel the kitchen to fit the new fridge and freezer we bought on Sunday. Both of them are standing in the hallway at the moment. But that means I have to fix the bookshelf first, so we can get all the books up. So we have space to move the boxes from the hallway into the living-room, so I can get some space for the old fridge/freezer and some shelves from the kitchen….. pppfff….. weekend project I think they way it looks like now.

And that is only one small item on the list of things to do. Hopefully I find the camera soon so we can start taking some pictures of our progress….

Off to the next item on the list.

Zeb is tired again

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Or at least, he pretends for like 10 seconds and then he gets up and runs off again. His version of a power nap I think.

Boxes, boxes and boxes

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The moment is finally there. The moment we have been waiting for for over 4 years now. We get the keys to the house tomorrow!!!!

4Years, you say. Yes, it’s been that long since we starting talking about it and actually started looking for real. We almost bought some houses before. Meaning that we signed a contract, but ripped it after we had an inspection done. We also bought a piece of land 2,5 years ago. We never got around to build something on it we really liked. Or was affordable. So we sold that one as well after year. So we had to start all over again.

But now we did it. So we have been packing all our stuff into boxes again the last couple of weeks. This is how the living room looks like now:

Not that easy for the kids, because we have boxes up to the ceiling in every room now. And they are not allowed to open anything, let alone touch anything with the risk of getting everything on their head. But we raised them well, they listened (so far).

So we have a very busy weekend ahead of us now. Tomorrow we are just having a look at the house, take the kids there after daycare. And then I’ll drop them off in the evening at Linda’s parents. Saturday and Sunday is moving everything and hopefully getting as much as possible out of the boxes again.

So if it’s quite here for a few days, you know why…


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OK, so I cleaned it up a bit. A lot better than 738 if you ask me. Still a lot. But if we break this down in numbers a bit more we get this:

  • 354 of them are Flickr accounts
  • another 81 are photo blogs
  • 33 are about photography in general

That is 468 blogs about photography. So that leaves with about 90 blogs that can be divided into this:

  • 6 about Apple
  • 7 about art
  • 9 general blogs
  • 8 about cycling
  • 11 about webdesign (part of my day-job)
  • 17 about Lotus Notes (day-job as well)
  • 7 about interior design

That leaves us with 25 that go from books to WordPress, business, …

In other words: not that much reading anymore. Mostly looking at pictures. A lot faster than usual I noticed this morning. And I am happy about that. But…. mind you, I will probably throw in some gardening blogs now we are moving this weekend to a house !

Photos, loads of them

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I used to have a photoblog here, running Pixelpost. I loved it. And actually still do, but the thing is that I sometimes just want to write words as well. And that was impossible with that CMS. So I swapped over to WordPress instead.

But…. back to work after 5 weeks of holiday and not a lot of work on my hands right now, I started cleaning my computer here a bit. Normally a thing people before they go on holiday. I did not have that time. So…. I just found all the photos I had on my old site. And I am thinking about back-posting them here. Actually, I decided right here, right now. I’ll do it !!! It’s going to take some time, but I will.

So check the “Photos” link at the top here every now and then, you might discover something new….