Stuff to eat

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From the weekend. It was a good weekend. Nice company with loads of good food and drinks. Kids were happy, parents were happy. And not to forget the nice weather…. Couldn’t have been better.

Too tired series

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This needs an explanation. Actually, I don’t know if I could explain. I only know that he started doing this a week or 2 ago. Let me show you:

Too tired

That was the first time. He just laid down. And we both started laughing. Ever since, every time we go out and play he does this.

Too tired II

And it goes with funny faces. But this one was scary:

Too tired IV

No grass, just hard concrete and a metal door. It felt like he was sad. Lying there for 10 seconds and then he gets up and about again. Without a fuss or complaint. I don’t even have to tell him to get up. Just…. weird. But he was a happy bunny after that. A stage that he will grow out of hopefully.

Too tired III

Sylvain Chauveau – Des plumes dans la tête

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This a very quiet album. No voices, mostly piano. Which I love. It was something I thought about when I was a kid. Learn how to play the piano. I never got that far. Not even today. But it still is somewhere on my list. Not top 10, but maybe later in life. Wait, not maybe. For sure. The other instrument I wanted to learn to play is the saxophone. A coincidence it’s a Belgian invention, but the sound it makes. I love it. And combine those 2 instruments, it’s no surprise that I like jazz…

And while you are looking at the man’s repertoire, make sure you listen to “Nuage” as well. All good stuff. Nice and quiet, which I need after all the noise from those vuvuzelas on TV these days.

Warm Wednesday

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It has been busy lately. Very busy…. Weddings to go to, buying a house (which means loads of paperwork). So Linda and I decided to take the day off yesterday, keep the kids home and jump in the car to visit her brother. One of his daughters had her birthday. What a day !!!!

Just sitting outside, letting the kids do their thing. Or things, because they do loads of stuff. Non-stop. Like duracell bunnies. But to keep that high intensity, they need sugar. Loads of it. And in different forms. The preferred one is ice-cream:


That gives the adults some time to eat something. Even if it’s only like 30 seconds. That’s what they need to “eat” an ice-cream. And as a result, they will get hyper again:

Hi there

OK, we missed some World Cup games (like Switzerland beating Spain……how????), but it didn’t feel that important. Hey, in case you haven’t noticed: kids are just way more fun. And they will not always be kids….

More days like this I would say.


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This is a style I really like. Every-day-documentary like. Something I would like to be able to do. Who knows, it means that I need to shoot a bit more again.

Go and have a look for yourself: Ida.