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There is a lot of stuff happening lately on the iPhone camera front. A lot of new apps have been popping up. So what else to do than to try them. So I gave the “Hipstamatic” a try and I really liked it. So here are a few shots I made lately:

Hipsta sand

More hipsta

House With Cloud

Flea Market

Mini Varvet

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The yearly half marathon in town was on Saturday. Loads of people running around in town. But the heat was a bit too much for a lot of them. Up to 26 Celsius it was with almost no wind. Hard work if you ask me.

But on Sunday there was a little course for the smaller ones. So we went again like we did last year, so Milla could run. And afterwards we just sat in the park with some friends. Lovely end to the  weekend.


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Look at this movie. That is just beautiful. Biking is beautiful. That’s why I prefer biking over running. You get somewhere. You can do longer distances, meaning you can see more. And that is what it is all about. To explore. We have already mapped the whole planet, but we are not seeing the things around us. Looking at nature from a bike is one of the most amazing things to do.

PS: And Rapha makes fantastic clothing. Everlasting. I know, because I have some of it in my closet.

Fennesz – Endless Summer

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Endless Summer was a bit of a strange album. Not really the sound that I expected. For some reason I was anticipating a more fluid sound. Instead, all I got was broken sounds. Mind you, it was still good. Good as in to listen to when working. Not as good as in “listening to when sitting on the patio and having a drink”.

The New Club

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I/We just joined a new club. No, not the Freemasonry, The Knights Templar or the Illuminati, but rather the biggestof them all: the house-owner club. Yes, you are reading this clearly: we just bought a house.

We signed papers on Tuesday last week already and kept it kind of secret for a few days to land on our feet (we were sky-high). So now we are moving in sometime in August. Luckily when we moved from our big flat to the current smaller flat, we couldn’t get everything out of their boxes, so half of our stuff is still boxed up in the attic. That will make moving a bit easier.

Fact about the house, you ask ? Well, it’s something like this:

  • size: 180m2 (1940 sq. feet)
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 3 floors + attic that needs isolating and decorating
  • the forest with a lake to swim in is about 1 km away (0.6 miles)
  • closest beach to go swimming is about 2.2 km away (1.4 miles)

But mind you that the forest has been my mountainbiking playground for the last 10 years, so I know my way around there. And there are a few running tracks. One of them is provided with lights for the dark winter days. And they told me that if there is enough snow, they make tracks for cross country skiing. Maybe time to start with that as well, cause I think the kids will probably get interested in that coming winter now they are old enough.

As they say: “A whole new chapter is about to begin.”

Deaf Center – Pale Ravine

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Another one I recommend. I would classify this one under “easy listening”. But what else would you expect from some Norwegian guys than electronic tunes. Feels very earth like. If that even if something. Sounds more like something I just made up. Now just go and listen… And try not to fall asleep if this is not your kind of tune.

Clark – Body Riddle

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Oh so good. OK, maybe a bit old. But that is what I am doing with my music these days. Listen to older forgotten music that deserves more than just become neglected.

Not going to say much about it. You have to go and listen for yourself. Opinions about music for me all comes down to a matter of taste. Hell, I might not even like this album in a couple of months from now. Who knows. I’ll just give you my finds here, and it’s up to you to like it or not.

Circle of eggs

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Pigeon eggs by the looks of it. And now I can hear you ask how I would know that ? Well…. remember, I’m Belgian. We have a lot of pigeons there. Loads of them. Not that it means that it’s a dirty country, because pigeons are called “flying rats” too often here.

But there are 2 main reasons I can think of right now:

  1. they are a good sport
  2. they taste very good

Let me explain a bit more: they are a very good sport. Pigeon racing is a big thing in Belgium. And for some reason the Japanese picked it up, so prices for the good lines are …. let me put it this way: I could buy a house with the money.

And the other reason speaks for itself. You will not see it in Sweden or maybe anywhere outside France, Belgium and the Netherlands. But I remember from when I was a kid and went to a restaurant, the pigeons were not lesser poultry than duck or geese. It was more seen as a delicatessen…. The closest I will get to it here is probably as a road kill from a bus or truck, and heated on the black tarmac on a hot summer day.