Arovane – Tides

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It’s been a while since I posted some good albums here. Not that I haven’t been listening to anything. There are quite a few albums I have to post here. But I will start with “Tides” from Arovane. Not a big party album, but works great when working, or reading a book. As long as you don’t have to deal with the demons of mobile phones too much. That could kill the mood totally. And surely not when you are biking to work. You might fall asleep, not recommended (for some reason those 2 just don’t work together…. work and sleeping on the other hand). But if you have an hour, just put it on and sit back and relax.

It’s all about me

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It will be quiet here for the next week I think. We are heading off to the east coast. First to go and see some animals in a park, and then visit some friends of use that just moved there a month ago and are fixing their house now as we are speaking. Our demands were an extra wing on the house (we need that much space indeed), but that wouldn’t be ready in time, they told us. Mmmhhh….. we do not seem to be that important anymore…..

Was it Sunday again ?

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Yes, it was. And you know what that means. Mountainbiking !!! This time we all jumped in our cars on met up in Billdal. I can hear you ask why we didn’t bike down there. Well, let’s just say that the weather wasn’t…. Er no, we’re just not fit enough yet.

But it was a lot of fun, and totally different from what we have been riding before. Down there (Sandsjöbacka Naturreservat) it get’s a bit more technical. And loads of single track. Technical single track. Technical single track climbing is actually one of my favorite things to do on a bike.  And that gave me the change to get connected to my bike again. Mind you that meant a lot of falling over as well. But tracks like that learn you how to handle the bike. And since I have a new bike, I have no clue how it handles. How far back do I have to lean backwards on steep downhill sections, how hard can I break ? A lot of questions. Luckily I got a few answers from my bike as well…

I took some pictures as well again. This is the only one where somebody else was in front of me. That strong a rider I am. I was actually coasting uphill here, because I was fumbling with my iPhone trying to take a picture. And being a man, I can only do 1 thing at the time, so it’s either taking a shot or pushing my pedals. Never both at the same time:

The view from the top before we head onto some proper single track:

And with technical single track, I mean stuff like this:

We were even allowed to carry our bikes. I have never seen anybody ride over this, not even in their strongest hours:

Rewarding views from when you get lost (yes, even with a GPS):

This is not rewarding, just the other side of the above picture. And to show you I wasn’t alone in this:

Hopefully I will get the GPS data later today, so I can attach it here. Or link it or whatever…. So you can get lost as well.

Tiger & Dragon

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No, those are not our nicknames. I wouldn’t mind actually… Doesn’t sound too stupid. But it would only be confusing since Zeb will see himself a dragon because it is so much cooler to fly and spit fire. Which gives him a reason to spit as well.

Pppffff… thank god he is too young to figure out all that himself yet.

Life can be hard

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Even for kids. I mean, look at this…. This is not easy to pick which book we have to read for her. And that is not even half of what she has. But rest assure, most evenings it goes without a problem.


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Alice for the iPad (via AtomicAntelope)

A lot of talk about the iPad these days. If you haven’t noticed, then what planet are you living on ? And for some reason, the iPad is some kind of eBook reader. Or whatever you want to call it. The Kindle Killer. Or something like that. I dunno.

I have been giving it a lot of thought lately. And now I have even more time since they delayed the launch in Europe with 1 month. But when it comes to reading I actually like to have a book or magazine in my hands. I want to feel the paper, I want to smell it.

But if I look at this clip….. it makes me doubt. Cause that is a very interesting way of reading. And it is never going to be possible on paper…..

That time of the week

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Sunday I mean. Time for a morning ride. And what a ride it was. A proper ride I would say. In the forest. On Gravel. Over roots. Over rocks. Over and under loads of stuff. it felt great. Not so much today. Today it hurts. A lot of muscles in my body hurt today. Because I haven’t used them in a very long time. But it’s good. And it will feel better in the future.

Here are a few shots I took. Again, with the iPone. Since I didn’t really dare to bring out the big camera with me yet. Maybe in a few weeks when I have been riding in the area a bit more and know most of the bumps and bits on the trails. Cause I don’t want to fall on it and break it.

Waiting for the rest of the team to show up. Imagine, we were 7 all together !!! Not bad at all, I hope we can keep this number, because it’s always more fun to ride with more people.

Pit stop to fix a broken chain:

The green machine:

Enjoying the view before we head home again:

The other side of the green machine, with it’s owner on top of it: