Another Sunday

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Another ride. But not another route. We had another setup of the “team”. This time we were 2 riders. Not that much you would say, but it’s the double of last week’s team.

The ride was nothing worthy the name of a “ride”. A. forgot that we had to change to summertime and to something special he also forgot to check his bike on Saturday, so we had to deal with 2 semi flat tires on his bike on Sunday morning. No decent equipment to fix it on the spot, so we ended up walking a fair bit to a gas station so we could fix the tires.

When we finally got to Delsjön, we had to turn around and head back home due to other duties that needed handling. This was the view before we left again:

As you can see, a wee bit more “grass” to spot, but still ice on the lake. My guess, we could have biked the usual route there. But we leave that for next week I guess. I might bring a decent camera as well, since I am not really impressed any more with those iPhone shots.

Sunday morning ride

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As I said, I got a new ride. So I took it out for a ride as well. Sunday morning would be a good idea I thought last week. Well…. It kind of was and wasn’t.

It was a good idea because the kids are usually kind of half asleep in the mornings, so they wouldn’t miss me too much (read: it’s not too much effort for Linda to handle the kids on her own). And it wasn’t a good idea because I didn’t know that the ice hasn’t melted yet in the forest. Duh…. I tried Änggården first because it is the closest to home and I know the area inside out. But as soon as I got off the road I was supposed to hit the gravel with my tires, but I didn’t. I just got 5 cm of white ice. Not fun. I tried to get up the hill with the idea that it probably cleared up higher in the forest (I seriously didn’t know what I was thinking there, already a lack of oxygen in the brain). But that obviously hadn’t happened yet. So back down. Oops…. icy. Now how did that happen ?

So I went back on the road and pointed my bike towards Delsjön. Bigger area, more people go there for walking and running, so I thought I might have more chance to get some real mountainbiking done. When I got to the old SVT building, I looked for the gravel road that I normally take to get to the top of the hill. The first bit was icy, but at least I could see here that the main road was clear:

But on top there I could see that the smaller roads had the same white layer on top of the them. No good:

At this I was gone for half an hour or so already. So me trying this slippery road for a few kilometers was not an option. I nicely went back and picked a few hills on the way home.

My first ride on the new bike is finally done. Many more will come I know. So this is what a new bike looks like:

It won’t last long like that……

And here is a map of the ride I ended up doing.

Keep it rolling

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Finally….. a new iron horse. My Kona got stolen about just more than a year ago. And it hurted. I was slowly getting back into riding on a regular basis. Riding to work every day, planning rides for sundays with friends. And then….. boom. It was gone.

But now I have a new bike, and new it is….. I mean, my old ride was 8 or 9 years old. Nothing wrong with it. V-brakes work just as fine. But disc brakes. That’s a new feeling. The gears have improved, even if it is still Shimano XT derailleurs front and back like i had before. But the whole bike is just more fun to handle and a lot lighter (might just be in my head).

But is going to be a fun year !!!!


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We had to take a few shots to get a new photo for her locker at daycare. So all the other kids can see whose locker it is. And this is the result:


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I have been wanting to do one for ages now. But the problem is that I can’t do the one that my mom used to make. Simply because they don’t sell the ingredients here in Sweden. Or anywhere in Scandinavia for that matter. So I went looking on the interweb and found me something I thought I would like. Here is what you need.

The bottom:

  • 75 gr butter
  • 12 Digestive cookies

The filling:

  • 800 gr Philadelphia cheese
  • 2 dl white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Vanille sugar
  • 2 tablespoons flower
  • 0,5 teaspoon salt
  • 4 eggs

Now how to do this one ? Crush the cookies, melt the butter and mix it together. Then press that on the bottom of a bakingform.

For the filling, just mix it all together except the egss. Those will be added at the end one by one. When all that is nicely mixed, you pour it in the form as well.

Now the oven should be heated up to 175 degrees. Put your cake in there for about 45 to 50 minutes in the lower part of the oven, depending on the size of your form and type of oven.

Once done put it in the fridge to cool down, because eating this one warm will make you sick.

When we made this one a few weeks ago, well…. it tasted really good. The only thing I would do in the future is to use a bit less Philadelphia cheese. 800gr is a bit too much in my humble opinion. But otherwise, really tasty with some strawberries, raspberries or whatever fruit you like.

Soap and Skin – Lovetune for Vacuum

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No, not my skin or the soap I am using. Rather a band with this name. In my search for more music to listen to at work I found this on spotify. Yes, their recommendations are normally worse than the ones I get from But they are working on it they say.

And it seems to pay off. This album (Lovetune for Vacuum) is quite unique. Not what I usually listen to, but some of it is very close to some of the islandic tunes I have been listening to. A lot of piano and a female voice over it. Kills me…. Will always work for me. So enjoy this one…

Candy store

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She has been sick the whole week with high fever. Now she is finally feeling better, and told us this morning that she had been a good girl so she deserves some candy. How can you say no to that ? So we made up a candy store in the kitchen where she can buy some candy….


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The weekend was an escape from the flat again. The weather is kind of boring and the kids have been sick most of the winter, so we thought to get out of the place and take over Linda’s parents place. Out for walks in the sun is always nice. But not too many animals yet to admire for the kids. Soon…..

Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More

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Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More It’s been long since I wrote something about music here. Well, I have not been listening too much either. Being a lot at home and at daycare to get Zeb schooled there. So…. But I am picking up again.

One of the latest albums I listened to was “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons. Favorite track of course is the wonderful “Little Lion Man” which you all have heard on the radio dozens of times already. The funny thing is that the kids love it as well. We have been playing it non-stop the other day. Now we got to the point where as soon as they hear it, they’ll start dancing. The track picks up speed, they will start jumping and fall over, get up and repeat until their legs give out.

Just wonderful…… Isn’t that what music is all about ?

I got scared

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Because I got the “evil eye” from Zeb. He gives you that when he wants to let you know he is not happy. Usually when I tell him off, and his opinion is not the same as mine. He will stare at me for about 5 seconds and realize I will not give in.