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Friends of ours are of on a holiday to Mexico. So we have to take care of their flowers. Linda and Milla went there today to fix the drought issue and went on to ICA Maxi, where we buy our food.

But when they came back and I asked her about all this she went:

“We went to the big grocery store.” (No name here)

And when I asked her where she was before and where our friends are, she replied:

“Oohhh….., they are on holiday at ICA Mexico”.


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As if the last couple of days weren’t enough yet, another surprise was waiting for the 2 little bunnies when we got home. When I talked to my mom on the phone the other day, she told me she had send a box with presents to us. It hadn’t arrived yet of course before we left to Linda’s parents, so that meant we could go an pick it up at the post-office today.

Eating Chocolate IIEating Chocolate I

And guess who is not bothered with opening a lot of presents again ??? Yip, indeed…. But one thing I thought interesting is that my mom send a lot of chocolate as well. The ones I and my brother and sister got when we were kids as well. Yes mom, it still tastes the same !!!

And do you think Milla and Zeb like it ?????

Zeb first didn’t know what to do with it. He thought it was a toy he could play with until he saw Milla taking a bite. And after that… well, there is not much left I can say. Thanks Mom !!!!

Winter Wonderland I

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The more snow we are getting, the more beautiful it looks up here. Yesterday was like a winterday should be with loads of snow, sunny afternoon, no wind and a temperature just below zero so that the snow doesn’t melt away.

Just before

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And not after the new year I launch with this new layout. The reason is very simple. used to be a photoblog. Only that and nothing else. Meaning that if I wanted to write just words, it was impossible.

So I turned it around and made this a normal blog. But the layout wasn’t really adjusted to big scale photos. But I thought I wouldn’t miss that. So guess what….. Yip, I started missing the fact that I could post big shots here. And sometimes just that …. nothing else ….. no words. So nowI have it both.

And it feels good !!!!


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It finally arrived. Who knows, maybe it will last a few days and we will have a white Christmas. Something that hasn’t happened since I was a kid, I think…

And besides that, it’s my first day off from work. Another “finally”. I have been longing for this one. Too many long days without the family. And that is never a good thing. So now I have at least 3 weeks to spend some quality time together !!!

Risk your life….on a bike

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The way to do that here in town is to bike to work. It seems that people feel too comfortable in their cars. It’s pissing down with rain, freezing cold and people walk or bike in this weather to get wherever they need to be. But those driving around in their warm and cozy cocoon are just not connected to the rest of the world and claim the streets all for themselves. Which results in near death experiences for some of us.

Fast or Slow …… but always ecologic, originally uploaded by Gianluca —

I don’t know if I have the luxury to generalize this phenomenon to the rest of Sweden (because I don’t bike there), but it surely is getting worse over the years in Gothenburg. Only I am surprised that not more accidents happen.

On the other hand, some of the bikers graciously ignoring a 2 meters wide biking lane is asking for trouble as well. They are there for a reason, so use them !!! Yes, I am talking to you, postmen and postwomen. Don’t pretend you are better then the rest of us commuters. You actually get car drivers behave like they want to hunt us down.

But mark my words, roadkill will soon get a new meaning.

Les Filles du Bord de Mer

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This has always been one of my favorite songs. Dunno why, but I think it has to do with his voice. Here is the text:

Je me souviens du bord de mer
Avec ses filles au teint si clair
Elles avaient l’âme hospitalière
C’était pas fait pour me déplaire
Naives autant qu’elles étaient belles
On pouvait lire dans leurs prunelles
Qu’elles voulaient pratiquer le sport
Pour garder une belle ligne de corps
Et encore, et encore
Z’auraient pus danser la java

Z’étaient chouettes les filles du bord de mer
Z’étaient faites pour qui savait y faire

Y’en avait une qui s’appellait Eve
C’était vraiment la fille d’mes rêves
Ella n’avait qu’un seul défaut
Elle se baignait plus qu’il ne faut
Plutôt qu’d’aller chez le masseur
Elle invitait le premier baigneur
A tâter du côté de son coeur
En douceur, en douceur
En douceur et profondeur

Z’étaient chouettes les filles du bord de mer
Z’étaient faites pour qui savait y faire

Lui pardonnant cette manière
J’lui proposas de partager ma vie
Mais dès que revint l’été
Je commençai à m’inquièter
Car sur les bords d’la Mer du Nord
Elle se remit à faire du sport
Je tolérais ce violon d’Ingres
Sinon elle devenait malingre
Puis un beau jour j’en ai eu marre
C’était pis que la mer à boire
J’lai refilé à un gigolo
Et j’ai nagé vers d’autres eaux

En douceur, en douceur

Z’étaient chouettes les filles du bord de mer
Z’étaient faites pour qui savait y faire

And here is a spotify link to a live version that actually is one of the better versions I have heard before:

Arno – Les Filles Du Bord De Mer