Stop this madness

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What a last few weeks. Never experienced something like this before. First I got sick, then Milla, then Linda. Then we think it’s all over even though Linda is not 100% yet, and before you finish your sentence Zeb gets sick. The little man starts coughing as well, like we all did before. Not funny anymore. And to top it off, I got a feverattack again on Saturday afternoon. Just to make it all easier for Linda I guess. She had a rough time already taking care of us all.

So we decided that enough is enough. We stop this madness now !! No more sickness for our family. Hereby it stops. I declare it finished, you little viruses.

(Does it work like this ?)


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Again. My bodytemperature is on a rollercoaster, my throath hurts, and a headache on top of that. I had enough of it. Where is the off-switch ? How do I end this game ?


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Transport I mean. Yup, like in the buss or the tram or the train. Actually I used the tram to go to work today. It’s been a while since I did that, and I don’t really liked doing it either this time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you want to read a book or listen to a podcast, radio,… or so. But the time it takes for me to get to work from home with the tram….. (buss is not an option for me). It will take me about 45 minutes. And if I do it on a bike, about 20 minutes. So you see my point: I loose about 50 minutes a day by using public transport. And then I am not even talking about the pricetag…..

But one thing I liked about it this morning, was that the city was dark and just about to wake up. Lights are coming on everywhere, so you can have a clear look inside houses. Which reminds me about the trips we did with my parents on a Saturday or Sunday evening. We would usually drive around for 30 minutes or so on our way home from my grandparents. Instead of driving straight home (10 minutes tops), we would make a big detour. Sometimes we would take the same route as the weekend before, but most of the time we would change it a bit somehow. And that is when we looked. We could see inside other people’s homes. I just loved it, all those different styles and colours. Sometimes I wonder if we will do the same with Zeb and Milla. Who knows.

So public transport has a positive side as well. Who would have thought that…


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I am not really a baseball fan. Hard to become if the only thing they showed us in Belgium was a 10 seconds clip with a comment in the sense of “…and the Yankees won again…”. That was it. I don’t even think there was a serious league in Belgium. In the Netherlands on the other hand, they played for real and even showed the occasional game on sunday TV.

But that’s enough about it. What I want you to see is a time-lapse video of the Yankee’s final: 12,000-Faceted Diamond. Enjoy !

Ripping a contract

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We did. Today. The contract for our house. Well, it’s not ours anymore.

What happened, I can hear you think. Well……. We found a house we really liked. Both Linda and I were super about it: the design, the layout of the floors, the location, the garden, …. Remind you, this does not happen very often. So we decided we’ll have a look at it. Which we did and couldn’t really see a lot of mistakes. Or in other words: big future investments to fix it.

Enter the bidding war 2 weeks ago, where we went maybe a bit longer than we actually had planned, due to the reason stated above. So we go and sign a contract were it says that we are going to buy the house. But…. history learned us that we want an extra paragraph stating that we will do an inspection of the house by a 3rd party and have the right to cancel the contract if we want afterwards.
This inspection was something the real estate agent thought not needed, since the house was in perfect condition.

Comes last friday (13th) when our inspection guy does his thing during a 3 hours session. Very long that is. Because he had to write a lot of stuff down !!!! He actually had more than 6 pages (A4 size). Conclusion: the house was not really in that perfect condition. Actually, it was very poor. Not looked after for the last 20 years, resulting in mold in the area under the house, a roof that needs to be replaced, …. The list is long.

So we are not going to buy a house. Again. We ripped the contract today. And I can live with that, but the thing that upsets me the most is that in the buying/selling properties market, some people are just out after the money. And they lie, cheat, …. a lot to get to “their” money. The only thing we can do is file a complaint about the real estate agent’s behavior and hope that other people will do the same, so that one day we’ll have a cleaner market.


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He loves bathing. If you would let him have his way, he would sit there the whole day and look all wrinkled like a 80 year old.

What a week

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When you think the worst is over…. I just got healthy again after a week in bed. Nobody else in the family got sick either, we thought. Until tuesday, or wednesday ¬†evening it was. Linda gets sick, just like me: fever sets in, coughing, muscle pains, …

Now it’s saturday and it looks a lot better. Milla got her swine-flu shot on monday and got over the worst, Linda is almost back to normal (just a slight fever in the evenings), and Zeb…. well, he’s the strong one in the family I guess. He is still untouched…. or ???? I hope so, he doesn’t deserve that….

And to spice it all up, we are trying to buy a house. But that doesn’t look bright anymore. Too many hidden “features” with it.

So we’ll take it easy tomorrow. Maybe a nice autumn walk with the family, come home, drink tea or hot chocolate and a warm apple pie…. who knows….

The end of autumn

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Doesn’t look like that anymore. It’s all on the ground now, and all we can see is dark, grey skies. I hope I get used to it again soon, because it will last until march, april sometime next year.

Where have I been ?

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That was a very long silence. Almost 2 weeks silence, which is an eternity in cyberspace. But the man has been sick. Not just a man-cold, which is deadly enough for us male mortals. No no, a severe case of the flu. You can imagine how I must have felt.

The biggest question in this case is: “Was it H1N1 ?”. Or the swine flu as it’s called as well. I don’t know. I looked up the symptoms according the Swedish Health Organisation, and I scored a 10 out of 10 in that case. But then again, I don’t really see the difference between the symptoms for your everyday normal flu and the swine flu. So, unless you go and deliver blood so they can check for real, there is no certainty. But as you can imagine, I was too sick to drag myself to a healthcare centre or hospital.

Never the less, I am back. And ….. will get my flu shot in a few weeks.