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Me and a friends were out with our kids the whole day walking around on the island Styrsö. I haven’t been there in a few years. But the place still looks much the same. And most of the houses were actually empty. I think people only use them during the summer. Which is a bit of a shame, cause there were some real beauties amongst them.

Anyway, we all had good fun in the cold wind. So we retreated to this little coffeeshop/restaurant in wait for the boat back. A typical place like you will only find in those tinny westcoast villages.


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The last one from the snow series. It’s melting anyway now, so it will just not be possible. So you guys have to wait another year to see this kind of stuff here again.

Bikes in White

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Another proof of the "harsh" weather conditions here at the moment. Actually, this was taken on Tuesday. Today, half of the snow melted already and the newspapers are predicting temperatures of around 15 degrees (Celsius). Meaning a 20 degree rise in temperature compared to today. Hard to believe at the moment…

Just wait and see, I actually don’t care cause we just booked a trip to Spain. Leaving for Lanzarote in 3 weeks. That’s how bad we need some sun here…


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Everything was going fine with the weather and then all of the sudden we get this…
It started snowing on Thursday evening and hasn’t really stopped since then.

I know I wanted to have some snow this winter but it all comes after they tease us first with some blue skies and temperatures over 10 degrees (Celsius). That feels so long away again now…

Red & Blue

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Another one from the daily walk home from the office. These are the flags on top of the bus terminal.

Tram with a View

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On the way home from work this week. It was late and getting dark. And the usual "golden 15 minutes" pothogs talk about, well…. I was sitting on the tram as you can see. I thought about it a few times to walk along the harbor instead at that time, but there is always a reason to hurry home lately.


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The central train station in town on the way home from work. Not a lot of people there at the time, probably because it was a bit too late to be really busy there.

But surely a place to take some interesting shots I think. Loads of people there around 17:00, so I should be able to get something decent there in the future…


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just wanna have fun. But sometimes they wanna learn as well. Well, as long as they are having fun…


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We were gone most of the weekend visiting relatives down south. This was taken during a lunch walk when all the kids were sleeping in their pushchairs. So I had some time to stand still without anybody trying to pull me down.

Train & Destination

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The morning walk to the new office is more "town friendly" in the way that I get to see town now when moving to and from work. If I take the tram I even get to walk through the trainstation. Which means a lot of interesting shots to be made here in the future.


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Working late, coming home and waiting for the tram to arrive. Tired and I just wanna be with the family, this is was hanging over my head.