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The sun through the glass in the front door gives a rather nice result.


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This is what it looked like again yesterday morning!! Not much and hard to see, but it was all slush. And luckily gone by the evening.

All alone

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The kids had a week off. “Sportlov” as they say in Swedish. So I decided to take the Friday off as well and hit the ice.

Not a lot of people there. But looking at the thermometer, it was not surprising. +4C outside, meaning the ice was bad. Passing the puck required the effort level of a shot-on-goal.

Worst trail ever

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I’m trying to explore new trails with the bike on the way home these days. There is this app called Trailforks and it shows you all the trails in an area with the difficulty, length…..

So this trail was more than 1km long. “Fun”, I thought. Turns out it was in a really bad state. So overgrown at places I went off course. Loads of big rocks and wet leaves on top of it, mud…. So that one goes on the skip list.

Last game of the season

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This was from last week. But the remarkable thing was the unbelievable nice weather. Too warm even for wearing a jacket while watching on the sideline. This time of the year? Idon’t want to complain, but…. a bit unusual.