Vätternrundan 2013

The Vätterrundan 2013. An event to never forget: 300 km bike ride around one of Sweden’s largest lakes.

It all started months ago with a few of us thinking about entering this race. Then it grew and grew and grew… into a team of 35 people, with loads of sponsoring. At racing day, only 23 turned up:

Yes, we all look nice in that same outfit. But most of us were freezing there standing on the town square at 04:28 in the morning.

We had a good pace going down to Jönköping and made that first 100km in 03:20. Not bad considering it was a headwind of 7m/s (25km/h). But a lot of stuff happened on that stretch and let’s call it team politics. So the team got split, and I decided to stick with my friends and ride it in the way we did in Roubaix: leave no man behind !!

And since I trained for a “sub 10” time, this turned into a nice relaxing ride with views like this:

Our little subgroup of 8, enjoying the beautiful day.

Yes, I wrote relaxing, because when I woke up on Sunday my body didn’t feel like I went out for a bike ride at all. A bit strange when you think about the 300km trip the day before.

Will I ever do it again ? Oh yes !!!! But only with a proper bike club where they have dedicated groups with target times, so everybody in the team is riding at the same pace and trained with each other. Maybe next year already … who knows ?

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