Little Miss Garmin

My little friend on the bike (the Garmin Edge 500) was going crazy the last couple of weeks. I didn’t know if it was due to the fact that I plug it into an iMac at home and a Windows machine at work. I even thought that (because she was made to ride) she didn’t like to go out and run around in the forest. I tried everything. But in the end she just refused to start up properly.

So I mailed the Swedish Garmin support team, pronto replies from them. Which I really like. And no “Support Team” signatures in the mail. Everything felt more personal. So they wanted me to send it back, which I did obviously. Then you get nice mails from them about the status of your support case and a week later I got a nice box in the mail:

The result: they just replaced the unit. No problems, they say. Now, if every support department would be like this…. There would be a lot more happy people on this planet. Thanks Garmin!

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