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Fallen tree

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This one has been here for a few weeks now. And I am wondering when they gonne clean it. I don’t mind and I can imagine a lot of runners and dog-walkers don’t mind either. It’s those on their hordes. It is after all a horse trail. Even if I haven’t seen a horse on it in the 5 years I have been commuting along this path.

OK, I rarely swing by there in the evenings anymore, I have more fun trails to ride on than a gravel road. But in the mornings it’s perfect to warm up and don’t get too exhausted before work.

The wicked way of nature

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The amazing thing of biking to work through a forest is that it is a living thing. It’s changing all the time. Even the dead things. Moss starts growing, insects move in, …

The problem is that you need to take the time to see it. Stop once and a while, not just always rush through. That is one the big problems with our society. The high speed pace. We miss so much right in front of us.

Town can be beautiful when it looks like this. No funny smells like in summertime. No rain today, just the sun peaking out and about so you get that nice warm late summer feeling with all the golden leaves flying around.