seventyfour twelve thirtyone


Now afterwards I see I should have taken the whole stethoscope in view. But I’ll leave it up here anyway, just as a reminder. One weekend you are out riding bikes with friends and the next you’re in a hospital.

In these times of the flu

Yip, as COVID-19 makes it’s tour around the world, yours truly is locked down to his own bed as well. The usual suspects are there: headache, aching muscles, body temperature playing yoyo. But my lungs are fine. And… I was in Milan before COVID-19 got there.

Stomach bug

I mean, a fever and a headache, fine. But a stomach bug ??? Can’t hold down food or drinks. Spending most of the night on the toilet. I hope I will skip this for another …. eternity!!


iPhone 4
ISO 125

We’ve all been there in the last couple of weeks. I looked like this last week. Now it’s the little man’s turn. Hope this will be over soon. And we get some sunny warmer weather. That would solve all of this!