seventyfour twelve thirtyone


Nikon D300
ISO 3200

Not from the last couple of days, but an older one from February.

The office

Nikon D300
ISO 500

Looks like this these days. Haven’t seen the other one in 5 weeks now, I think. Already loosing count.

But we keep in touch every morning with Teams, a microphone and a webcam. Not really the same and longing actually to meet the collegues. But it keeps us safe and hopefully we will get rid of this virus sooner.

Enough iPhone already

Nikon D300
ISO 640

Dusted off the Nikon D300 and realised that I missed it. Don’t get me wrong, a mobile with an OK camera is more mobile. But you can’t compare quality and range… Now I think there is some dirt on the lenses and what not. As I said, it has been collecting a lot of dust the last few years. Gonna have to get this sorted.

The reason for all this is that we are almost done with the new house after 2 years now, the kids are getting older, …. So there is a bit more time opening up again. And I always get back to photography and MTB for some reason. My MTB needs are already pleased ever day thanks to my commuting. So photography left. And like they say…

A picture says more than a thousand words.