A week in Orlando – Day 0

14 Feb ’16

A long flight ahead of us. The weather in town is the usual:

Once in Germany (Frankfurt) it looks a lot better. Feels more like spring here with the sun out:

Somewhere over Canada where it looks winter again:

And finally in the hotel in Orlando after a long day. Actually this is a Saturday morning shot when I woke up and the sun was rising.

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Nine something

27 Jan ’16

When you are that old, you live in your own world. And parents are not invited (most of the time).


Winter wonderland anno 2016

26 Jan ’16






Because last week we had a snowstorm!!!! And who doesn’t love that. About 20 cm over night. Nobody went to work because all the buses, trams, flights and trains stopped working. You would think so far up north they would be able to handle this a lot better, but….. Anyhow, the kids loved it and got loads of playtime in school as well.

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8 Jan ’16

The last couple of weeks it has been extraordinary warm for the time of the year. +7°C or +8°C, sometimes even 10°C … in december ??!! But over the weekend, the quicksilver has been dropping steadily and now it reached -13°C. Just more layers on the bike to work, really.

But not fun for the kids who are still at home and can’t go outside now. Not that Zeb will because he is in bad with influensa (and so is Linda).


Giro Empire V90

6 Jan ’16


Aka birthday present. New MTB shoes. Finally. I’ve been saying for years now that I need a new pair. And I finally found a pair at a reasonable price. The reviews are raving, but of course this is personal as well. So we’ll see, but they feel good those last couple of days.

Another Sunday, another medal

3 Jan ’16


We start the new year off with …. the normal stuff of weekends: football tournament !!! Get up early, 3 games, a medal and a tired boy later we where home again.

And happiness is … scoring the team’s first tournament goal.


Happy New Year

1 Jan ’16

wpid8285-20151231-IMG_2641.jpg wpid8283-20151231-IMG_2638.jpg

Milla behind the camera/phone. Should let her do that a bit more often.


Back on the ice

30 Dec ’15


The temperatures are finally low enough to go ice skating at the outdoor ice rink !!!

And luckily we modified the laundry room a bit. Now we have space to hang everything to dry again as well:



20 Dec ’15

Looks like this:


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The week that was

20 Dec ’15

It was time for the yearly skiing trip to Sälen. Not a lot of snow even if the photo here shows otherwise:


It’s just the snow-canons working full blast in the evenings. Where do we stay??? Well, this place:


The Skilodge, where we have an appartment with 6 beds, a livingroom and a kitchen.

And the kids just can’t sit still, even after a whole day on the slopes, they still want to go out in the snow:



Making excellent use of his bed

21 Aug ’15


Found him this morning like this.


Strange clouds last evening

1 Aug ’15



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