The other side of town

20 Aug ’14

Wich means you have to ride/bike/walk over one of the bridges and you’ll get a view like this:

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It’s all newly build there on the waterfront. Nice flats but oh so expensive with views like this:

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Days of summer come to an end

19 Aug ’14

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A lot more looming skies those last days of holiday.

Summer days

27 Jul ’14

And they start looking like this:


Swimming is a must for both now. And with this weather … hard to imagine a day without a swim.

Before and After

22 Jul ’14


Yes, that’s a vacuum cleaner on the outside of the house. Don’t ask… And a few hours later:


We are still not totally finished. There is a new lamp on the left, the windows are white now as well, some new chairs, …. Stuff one can do with a bit too much time….;o)


A Fish Called Milla

14 Jul ’14


The new thing…. Diving. All the time. Longer and longer. Our little fish.


And boys do stuff like this

2 Jul ’14



Driving home

30 Jun ’14


How the Spring was

20 Jun ’14


Milla dove into football. Training, games, cups, … Lots of fun and amazing to see her grow so fast and learn a lot on a really short time. Now she even wants to watch games on TV. With the World Cup going on at least we don’t have to argue what to watch anymore.


Colombian Water

18 Jun ’14


Not bad…. Goes in the Budweiser-Heineken category.

Typical Swedish Summer Stuff

14 Jun ’14



Coastal of course.

Past weekend

12 Jun ’14


We had a party of a lifetime. The best in a very long time we thought. That meant as well: sleeping long until lunch and no kids. They were with their grandparents in Skärhamn. Life looked like this for them:


Loads of crab fishing, throwing wood and stones in the sea and loads of others kids love to do.

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And our boy

27 May ’14